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Benefits of Ergonomics

1. Better Comfort
A core benefit from Ergonomics is comfort. For example you will get less stressed if you sit in comfortable chair at work. And ergonomics specifies on that to make things more comfortable.
2. Improve Communication
Clear communication between the user and whatever is being used is another [[#|benefit]] of ergonomics.
3. Reduce Skill Level
Another benefit of ergonomics is that with better ergonomics the amount of training needed for proper operation is reduced. If you never need to read the owner's manual then it has good ergonomics with it.
4. Save Time
Ergonomics is about making things more efficient. And another benefit of ergonomics is that by increasing the efficiency of a tool or obejctive, you tend to shorten the length of time it takes to accomplish your goal.
5. Reduce Stress
With increased comfort and easier to understand usage come reduction in stress, another benefit of ergonomics.
6. Increase Accuracy
Ergonomics also benefit your accuracy by lessening the chance of mistakes. From a system perspective this is one of the greatest benefits from ergonomics.
7. Lessen Chance of Injury
A great benefit of ergonomics if that there is less of a chance to injure yourself or someone else. When you spend less time performing a task with tools that are intuitive to use, don't require special mental or physical skill, and do not fatigue you then a lot of causes of injuries are removed.
8. Lower Cost
The cost of an individual tool may not be lowered. In the case of most specially designed "Ergonomic" tools they are actually much higher. But the overall cost in terms of time, labor and other inputs (blood, sweat and tears) come down.