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What is the Efficiency?
  • Efficiency is something that makes things easier to do or to make.
  • Reducing the stress to achieve a goal
  • Reducing the number of steps to achieve the goal
  • Reducing the number of tools used and parts needed to reach the goal
  • Reducing the amount of training needed, for example a computer can do way more tasks than human
  • Efficiency can be found almost everywhere. If something is easier to do you are more likely to do it. If you do it more, then it is more useful. Again, utility is the only true measure of the quality of a design.
  • And if you willingly do something more often you have a greater chance of liking it. If you like doing it you will be more comfortable doing it.
  • So the next time you hear the term ergonomics you will know what it means to you. And I hope that is a comforting thought.