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  • Examples of Ergonomically improved items:

  • external image ergonomic-office-chair-1.jpg
  • ## :This chair was improved ergonomically in many ways. First his surface is rubbish type and its really comfortable to sit on, and it will be comfortable to sit on it for a few working hours. Second the arms of the chair are added, which makes it really easy and comfortable to rest your palms on it. And third the wheels, you can no longer drag the chair you can just ride it through office and not [[#|apply]] any additional force or lift it at all!


external image 1097997358_4240832208_full.jpg


    • This keyboard was ergonomically improved in a few ways for better [[#|[[#|work]]]]. It has palm rests fro less contact with surface and it makes work really easy and not so frustrating. Second the placement of key buttons is divided in a few districts so its easier to locate them. And third the keyboard height makes your hands go up and your veins are not getting blocked so blood runs smoothly.

  • But mostly ergonomically improved items have to do with office tools, because people work with them every day 4 to 8 hours and it really can make difference if your skin is rubbing wood or rubber. And people don't get as frustrated and tired with ergonomic items unlike normal ones. For example i would rather sit on rubber comfortable chair with palm rests instead of a wooden chair with hard back and no palm rests at all. There is a difference and so people prefer ergonomic items.