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Automated System: Is the replacement of human workers with machines controlled by computers to perform a particular task. (examples, ATMs, factory robots, Thermostats, etc)
Productivity: Amount of output that is produced per unit of time.

Impact on the world and on us

For years automated systems have been replacing tasks that have been done by humans for even longer. These systems continue to replace humans in doing tasks but does it have a positive or negative impact? To determine the impact made by automated system we have to look at various other impacts. This includes social impact (What effect it has on people), environmental impact (What effect it has on the environment), economic impact (The costs of automated systems), and impact on efficiency. To succesfully find out the impact automated systems have on the world I will use an example of an automated system.

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History of ATMs:

ATMs are machines that banks use, that allow for people to withdraw and deposit money, 24 hours a day. Before ATMs existed, people did not have the ability to get money from the bank anytime of the day, they could only go to the bank at certain hours of the day during which the bank was open. Even then in order to do simple withdrawls and deposits you would have to wait long lines. ATMs are smart because they are 24 hour accesible, they are safe, and they are quick. This is all due to automation. Because it is controlled by a computer it can not make human error and it does not sleep.


ATMs stand for Automatic Telling Machines. These are machines that allow you to withdraw and deposit money, move money in to different accounts, and to check your account balance. They have both positive and negative impacts. Positive impacts include the ability to withdraw and deposit money, move money in different accounts and to check your account balance, 24 hours a day as opposed to bank branches which are only opened for a part of a day. Negative impacts include the inability to cash checks, the withdrawl of only a limited amount of money, and uncondoned withdrawl of your money if someone sees your pin.


The best thing about ATMs is that they are 24 hour accesible, because they are operated by computers rather than people. I believe however that they're can also be some negative effects of the ATM. The ATM replaces human tellers which does take jobs, but this can create jobs like ATM maintenance workers.


The environment is an important thing to consider when making a product. ATMs do not have any impact on the environment. They are elctric and do not cause pollution. Another positive environmetal impact is that ATMs can pe placed anywhere in a city, so getting there doesn't need to involve using a car, which causes pollution.


ATMs cost $1000-$1500 dollars a month to be maintained, with an initial price that can start from around $2000. The reason that there isn't a fixed ATM cost is because there are many different types of ATMs to choose from. People who use ATMs usually get charged a small fee, that is around two dollars, every time someone uses an ATM.


Productivity is amount of output that is produced per unit of time. Tasks can be accomplished faster, and you can do more tasks, within the same time if your productivity is higher. An example of increase of productivity is shopping online. You can purchase items online and not waste time going to the actual store, buy an item, and go back to your home.

Increasing Productivity & Mass Production

Automation makes accomplishing tasks easier and quicker. An automated system is more productive then a non automated system. Today it is very common to see items that are a result of mass production which is, an automated system that produces items quickly and in larger quantities. Cars and furniture are examples of items that used to be hand crafted, but are now mass produced. Mass production is more productive then other non autumated methods of production, but results in a product that has lower quality then a product that is hand crafted.
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