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By: Sam RanjbarP8D

What is it?

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in working environments. The word "ergonomics" comes from the greek words, "ergon" and "nomos". "Ergon" meaning work, and "nomos" meaning laws. Ergonomics help make certain products/items that we use in our everyday life, more comfirtable to use. A core benefit of Ergonomics is an increase in the users comfort. For example: Rather than sitting in an old, uncomfortable desk chair, we can now sit in much more comfortable, cushioned chairs that have been specially designed to cause less stress and strain on the lower back of the user.

What are some common injuries?

Depending on the product, exessive use can cause a wide range of injuries. People who would use typewrites very often, would often be diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Carpel Tunnel is a painful condition of the hand and fingers caused by compression of a major nerve where it passes over the carpal bones. Sitting in a chair for an excessive amount of time will most definetly cause lower back pains or worsen an existing back/neck pain. The natural tendency for people who sit in chairs for large periods of time, is to slouch. Slouching can overstretch the spinal ligaments and the discs and the surrounding structures in the spine.

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Why is it important to us?

Ergonomics is important to us becuase it can help avoid putting stress or strain on certain parts of our bodies. The study of Ergonomics has helped us avoid putting stress on our bodies when using certain products. A poorly designed chair can cause some short term discomfort and possible long term damage to the neck or the back of a computer user. In order to use an ergonomically designed product succesfully, you must balance your time. For example, if you are sitting down studying for a test for hours and hours, its not healthy. You split your study time with exercise, to stay healthy.
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